30 July 2009

Maybe once a lifetime you'll hold one in your hand...*


top: J. Perse tank
skirt: 70s cotton plaid skirt
shoes: vintage Ferragamo t-straps
purse: vintage straw bag
hat: 20s felt cloche
*listening to: Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - All the Roadrunning "I Dug Up a Diamond"

I don't think I can even begin to express just how busy we are these days. It feels like we've both gone from zero to sixty and there's no end in sight. I suppose that's just the way life goes, but we're used to enjoying a pretty laid back life with lots of time for laying around watching movies, eating ice cream and going for long walks. Not so much these days! I'm trying not to let the blog suffer but there are days when it may have to take a backseat to contractors and painters and movers and other such mundane things.

In the upcoming weeks I may be posting more photos than written posts since the writing is always what takes me the longest. I inevitably end up with photos edited, sitting in front of the computer trying to think of something interesting to say! Hmmm... I'm not so sure I'm accomplishing that with this post. ;) In the midst of it all, I am super excited about the little pile of things I've been collecting in the corner of my closet to organize my new office space. Just yesterday I brought home a cute little shelf to store all of my sewing supplies.


Now, on to the outfit... it's sort of hard to believe this skirt hasn't been seen on the blog before. It's been my go-to skirt on the mildly hot days we've been having. It's just the softest, most worn in cotton and I love the bias plaid. The rest of the outfit consists of a simple white tank top and the shoes and hat I've been pairing with everything this summer. On a side note, as I was taking these photos, little groundhogs kept peeking their heads out of the tall grass to see what I was up to. So adorable! And much less bothersome than the human onlookers that a girl and her tripod tend to attract. Alrighty, enough of my incoherent ramblings!



Crystal Ball said...

Your skirt is absolutely lovely. You have a gift: you make everything look so effortless.

Anonymous said...

love the skirt, lovely plaid

Jessica said...

Aw, you really look so lovely!! That hat really is the dreamiest I've seen and the skirt is perfect for this sortta weather! Lovely, lovely, as always! xx

anja louise said...

aww groundhogs!! These photos are great, perfect summer spot.

Unknown said...

I feel that with these pictures we have gone back in time to the classics! I love it! If vintage means back in time clothing...I want to wear vintage because personally when I watch the old movies and I see what people wore back then...it was so much better than what people wear today in day! Back then boys would wear a cardigan with a pair of chinos like it was nothing! Today in day not many wear that. Love the ensemble especially the skirt and the hat!
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Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves said...

dig that field!

Anonymous said...

so cute this look reminds me of my best friend molly :)

Little Monarch said...

oh you are so very pretty. and the fact that your audience was a family of groundhogs makes this post even better!

AlicePleasance said...

That skirt is amazing!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my! Your skirt, lovely. ;D

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Dom po brzegi said...

I admire your vintage. Your consequence and presence.
You go girl.

Gracie said...

love your skirt.
lovely fields.

Q's Daydream said...

That skirt is so perfect! Good luck with your move! Jonny and I just found a place in DE that we're moving into in 3 weeks! I'm so thrilled! :o)

Anonymous said...

im loving this skirt, thanks for sharing
its gorgeous and you styled it well

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Amy P. said...

The greenery of the field is beautiful. And you look like you belong there, ;] with that perfect skirt.

And groundhogs peeking? Awww.

Rose said...

Lovely skirt and lovely photos!


TheSleekGeek said...

i seriously loving your hair!!i wish i had one like yours;D

Tracy said...

thanks so much for talking about the actual taking of outfit photos! i am trying to work up the nerve to do them on my own blog, and it's nice to hear it can be as weird as i fear it will be sometimes. :)