12 November 2009

Family Affairs

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I just discovered clothing line Family Affairs. When I checked a bit further into it, I realized it's literally a family affair - a mother/daughter design team! How cute is that? I don't do a lot of prints, but I'm really loving this black and white star print. And I'd love to get a better look at those velvet (?) high waisted pants. The first two photos are from their current collection while the bottom two were found in their archives. They make me want to pack up an old timey suitcase and take a trip on a train!

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calivintage said...

oh wow! agreed. that dress is adorable and those pants look divine.

Andrea said...

These are gorgeous.
I want those pants...and that blouse...and the dress. Uh oh.

A train trip is in the cards, indeed!


Love your blog!

Isabel said...

That first dress is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the heads up on Family Affairs!

Jules said...

These are gorgeous indeed! =D

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Brown Mestizo

Little Lost Treasures said...

Lovely photos! I like the white blouse on the last photo
Thanks for sharing! :)

MONI said...

these pictures are so warm and cozy and the style greatt!


yoli said...

love it

Lacey Starr said...

I love the look of this line. the second picture is perfection.

Wynne Prasetyo said...

i am completely in love with your blog and all of the posts. great job! links exchange? (:

elli said...

the first picture is beautiful and I love your wwardrobe in the posts before!
Your blog is really lovely!

Bree said...

I love the pants!

Maria Confer said...

Oh, my! What a gorgeous line. Must check them out.


Vintage Avocado said...

Wow! Veery nice, I definitelly like the style
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Hayley said...

Lovely pictures! In love with all these items! Just found your blog through Plain Jayne's blog - and I love it! You have amazing style and I think your blog's really interesting. I will definitely be visiting again in future!


Amy P. said...

Wow those are lovely photos, especially the archive ones. Thanks for sharing; you always find such great designers.

the spectator said...

I've just listened to Shark Food. His vocal style reminds me of America.

Anonymous said...

Amazing clothes.

That model has beautiful curls.