17 March 2010

A Good Day

all photos from my Flickr favorites

Today was such a lovely day in weather, activity and company! It was one of those early spring days that starts off cool and gradually warms to the perfect temperature. It was the first day in months that I left the house without tights on! Yay! Small triumphs people, small triumphs.

Andreja was in town for spring break so we got together for vintage shopping, crepe eating and general hanging out. We hit up two thrift stores where I stocked up on goodies for the shop and she scored a couple of dresses and scarves. Then we headed downtown to Rachel's Cafe & Creperie for lunch. Of course Rachel's is conveniently located right next door to two of our favorite vintage shops. No coincidence!

I ended up with two pretty dresses for myself. One "bird on a wire" print 60s wrap dress for a steal since it had a little stain and hyacinth print 40s sundress that I'm so glad Andreja talked me into buying. I'll take photos soon! Andreja was just as lucky, walking away with a couple of lovely dresses as well. It was a good day!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a good time. I love all the photos you chose for your favourites.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect day!

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

sounds like a really good time!

enjoy the warmer weather.

Fabiola "Fab" said...

sounds like a lovely day! I'm so with you this the tights! today I wore a denim jacket over a dress and it felt great! Can't wait to see your finds!!

Aimee said...

I love how when you find something really great when thrifting, it feels even more exciting than buying something new at a store!

In Class, En Vogue

Emma Fick said...

The muted, antique-y colors of your skirt and cardigan go SO well together!