16 August 2010

Built By Wendy Fall 2010 Collection


With the debut of the Built By Wendy Fall 2010 Collection, I think my fall inspiration folder is complete. I like the muted color palette and the slightly 70s vibe of the jumper dresses and boots. The first dress below is a favorite; I'm always a fan of stripes and pockets on a dress. I'm not sure about the velvet(?) overalls but they strike me as one of those things that could really grow on me.



Bri said...

Lovin' these looks!

mara said...

love the outfit next to the dress you're talking about



Robin said...

I love this, I love how simple cut and how simple all the lines in these clothes are , I also like the simplicty of solid colors


Alice said...

gorgeous photos. i adore the blouse in the bottom right hand corner.

Loni said...

Beautiful collection I love the velvet dress


Charlotte de l'Atelier said...

I love the picture with the chairs and the crazy hair. Thanks for making me discovering the brand. That is really a good choice for your inspiration folder.

eagle-eye-cherry said...

the collection is very nice.


Sophie said...

I love the hair!
and the outfit that u are talking about
it's very cute and the best thing is that is simple :)

pearl said...

loving these!