20 December 2010

Artsy Monday


photos by Tom b.

- Alexa Chung for Madewell dress
- 60s wool coat
- H&M knit tights
- 80s leather ankle boots
- vintage wool beret
- vintage carpet bag


Friday marked Tom's last day of class before winter break so I accompanied him to the college this morning, in part to help him pick up a couple of packages and in part because he told me about the current art installation and how much he thought I would like it. Honestly, with the below freezing temperatures we've been having day in and day out, it takes a lot to get me out of the house these days. I bundled up in a couple of layers of tights and my Alexa Chung for Madewell dress that I've been looking for an excuse to wear. I ordered it when the collection debuted and it took about 2 months to arrive!


Anyhoo... Tom was right about the art hanging in the school's gallery right now. There are three artists exhibiting. First was Ron Klein's wall installation comprised of an array of materials from dice and poker chips to sweetgum balls and porcupine quills, all nailed right into the wall. The quills were my favorite part, but I just kept thinking about the poor person that's going to have to repair all those nail holes when the exhibit is done.

Then we saw Duncan Johnson's collages that are made using reclaimed wood, graphite and nails. These were my favorite pieces by far. The colors and textures were just perfect. I'd love the have that biggest piece in my house.


Last we saw Glenn Goldberg's pointillist flowers and birds. They were bright and cheerful and just the thing you'd love to stare at on a cold dreary day like today. In the end, I was quite glad I braved the cold to discover some new artists. Now hopefully I don't have to leave the house for the rest of the week!



Unknown said...

Lovely photographs! Love them!



veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i think my favorite are the collages - the colors he chose are absolutely gorgeous.

A Little Brighter said...

Two months?! Thats forever when you a really wanting something to arrive! Atleast you have it now and my my it looks beautiful and it is in the best colour!

Wow I adore the reused wood pieces too, what a great way to make art :D

Ayesha x

Sarah with an "h" said...

What a neat exhibit. It made for some awesome photos, too. And lovely outfit. :)


Unknown said...

fabolous photos... and love your bag so much!!!


Rosaspina Vintage said...

What a lovely color for that dress, and all those pleats are too sweet!
I'm like you when it's so cold outside, there has to be something very important to do to get me out ;) But you did the right thing this time, the exhibition looks amazing and all the inspiration and the ideas will stay with you for a long time!

Ali Hval said...

I love the second one! The wood pieces are so very neat, I agree, I'd totally put that in my apartment in the future. :D :D You look so warm, and I hope you stay so! Such a retty green coat! <3

Sidewalk Chic said...

You and Tom really outdid yourselves with these shots. That first photo looks like a Hitchcock movie print. Beautiful photos and totally inspiring.

callie said...

These photos are so cool. I love your purse too!

Nancie said...

love the olive coat...and your pics are lovely!!


Roma is Love said...

your outfit colors fit right in! Lovely photos again. Kudos to Tom and to you also for braving the weather. :)

Nadinoo said...

ooOoo I just love it all!! The wooden wall instillation really especially, it really suits you. x

Unknown said...

Really love those pictures.
The gallery looks amazing.
By the way i love your dress and your bag too :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

well you look beautiful in your museum outfit!!!! Great art!

Danielle said...

The first artist is definitely my favorite!