16 December 2010

Te chichi


When I first saw the images from Te chichi's winter collection on Starr's blog they instantly caught my eye for their (as Starr so aptly put it) Anthropologie-esque look. Of course the site, being in Japanese, is nearly impossible for me to navigate, but I knew I wanted to see more. A little sleuthing led me to their online shop where they have the individual pieces laid out in that clean, simple way that so many Japanese sites and magazines use.

Sometimes the styling of a lookbook can outshine the actual pieces of clothing, but that's not so in this case. I love the simple clean lines and the neutral color palette. I wouldn't mind having any of these hanging in my closet!



Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful collection!
By the way, 'te chichi' means something like too fancy in dutch :)

Rachel Holm said...

oh my these really are amazing. the swing coats are perrfect.


Starr Crow said...

i'm not even sure i made it that far! these pieces are *beautiful*. I love the 'girl-scout brown' (yeah, i just made that a color!) ruffle dress. And the military inspired coat with the cozy collar. Oh, the lace dress, too! So good... these Japanese sites are such a tease. ;)

Julie said...

I love all of these pieces! So classic!

Couve Illustrations said...

that green coat!!!
I won't sleep for 2 days!

oh and auxpaysdesmerveilles, chichi in portugese is pee! :/

Anonymous said...

the beautiful coat
it's your style

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BaronessVonVintage said...

oh, gorgeous!!!

Unknown said...

oh my goodness! i don't usually love every piece in a collection, but i would love to have all of these pieces! gorgeous!

Unknown said...

oh god!! amazing collection!!

Maria Confer said...

I so agree with you and Starr. Each piece that you chose would be a dream addition to my wardrobe!

Lulu Letty

labyrinthine said...

The photography and settings are really stunning, and of course all the clothes are just gorgeous. ♥

Unknown said...

I love those vintage esque coats! I need a new thick coat! My one just doesn't seem to make me feel comfortable anymore!


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