22 March 2011

Behind the Scenes, Pt. 2


Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind so I didn't have time to share many details of the weekend shoot. Thankfully today promises to be a little less hectic so I thought I'd take a moment before the crazy sets in to share a bit more about the day. It all started several months ago when Amber contacted me to see if I'd be interested in styling a shoot for her. I jumped at the opportunity since it was an idea I'd had in the back of my mind.

When she asked me what I thought for a concept for the shoot, I was in the midst of watching Boardwalk Empire and knew I wanted to do something inspired by the characters on that show. Of course, as the months passed and the weather warmed up the concept evolved a bit. It ended up being 20s-carnival-with-a-touch-of-70s-Stevie-Nicks.

On the day of the shoot, the weather was fairly cooperative with lots of sunshine, a light breeze and temperatures that kept Sarah from completely freezing. She was such a trooper! I was cozy in my sweater and she braved the weather in sheer chiffon and sleeveless dresses. Oh, and she had the coolest silvery blue ombre hair (how does one even do that!). It looked amazing with all of the clothes.

Amber, who was wearing the prettiest white lace blouse that her mother had worn on her wedding day, took hundreds of photos of the five outfits I styled. Everything looked amazing on Sarah and I can't wait to see all of the photos! As soon as I get my hands on them, I'll be sure to share them with you. Hopefully this was the first of many shoots I'll style!



BaronessVonVintage said...

kinda has a "Carnivale" (hbo) vibe, too. Cool!

Hattitude said...

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

oh my gosh! this looks awesome! what a wicked idea for a shoot. you have such a lovely etsy shot.

i LOVE the photo of the balloons, girl and shadows. i'm excited to see the rest!

see you wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

Unknown said...

omg all of these pictures just look amazing and perfectly styled! i love the balloons!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Caitlin Rose said...

well sarah has the coolest hair ever! the photos looking amazing, I love the last building. what is it?

Cool Schmool said...

sooooo cool!
i hope to work with you again someday and/or live in your closet. or BOTH!!!!...
you rock :)

Mrs. Habit said...

love how the shadow shows in the picture with balloons. awesome lighting in all of them.

Nadinoo said...

Looking lovely! Can't wait to see the final pics x

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

Touch of carnival and stevie nicks...that sounds too amazing to be true:)

Gracie said...

wwwooowww looks amazing!

Kate said...

These are wonderful photos! Colours and composition are a delight to my eyes.