19 April 2011

LA Inspiration

all photos from Mr. Newton

Soon enough Tom and I will be a mile high and on our way to sunny Los Angeles. It will be our first visit to LA since we left three years ago. I can't believe it's been that long since we lived there! We'll be catching up with lots of friends, visiting all our old favorite restaurants, hitting up the Griffith Observatory (it was closed for renovations while we lived there) and just generally chilling out for a week. Of course I'll also be doing a tour of all my favorite vintage shops that I miss. And perhaps the best part... spending a night out in the desert!

I'm pretty excited, if you haven't gathered that already. I've been collecting images of things I'd like to wear while I'm there. Outfits that just seem a bit out of place in Lancaster or ones it's just been too dang cold to wear! All of these photos were snapped over the weekend at Coachella and are just the sorts of things I'll be packing. That second one on Tali Lennox is pretty much my LA dream outfit. And unless I'm crazy, she's wearing this dress. Perhaps I'll have to make that dream a reality.



Alys said...

I need to get a big floppy hat!

Ana, Playground Love said...

All the pictures are so levelly I love the outfit on that last one.
It´s so cool that you are going to California. I have always wanted to go there. There must be a tun of amazing things to see.
Seems like you are definitely going to have a good time.

ps said...

cool choices :))

Caitlin Rose said...

those are some pretty cool looking babes. trips are SO exciting!

caitlin rose

Lena B, Actually said...

Would love to visit LA someday... and I only wish I could pull off those cute high-waisted denim cutoffs in the first picture! Lovely!

Unknown said...

i love how sunny LA style is! have a great time when you visit!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Monique said...

Lovely sunny California outfits!

sarah nicole said...

High waisted cut offs? Yes, please! Even if my legs disagree.

Love all these.



Elizabeth said...

I am totally feeling the summer feeling of these outfits.

Joy said...

This is so nice. Can't wait till what you'll post in LA!

Cel said...

Oooh LA! You have every reason to be excited heh. It seems like such a faraway unreal place to me all the way up here in Canada.

LF said...

hehe, i just posted some VERY similar photos on my blog. Coachella always brings out the fashionables!

jess s//LadyFlashback

Shelby K said...

Hi, I love your style and your great photos. I do have two questions for you:
what camera do you use?
what vintage shops do you shop at in la? (I live in LA)

Shelby K said...

I love your style. Oh and I live in LA and were wondering what your favorite vintage/thrift stores in LA were.