19 May 2011

Madewell Fall 2011

photos via Refinery 29

I know it's probably breaking some sort of blogging law to post a fall collection a day after posting a spring collection in the middle of May, but honestly this weather has me so confused about the seasons I hardly know what month it is. So when I saw the preview for Madewell's fall line I figured now was as good a time as any to check it out. Things I spy that I like; wide leg jeans, mid-calf skirts, rugby striped dress and all the shoes!



laura said...

Whoa, LOVE those jeans!!!

Caitlin Rose said...

Oh that rugby dress is phenomenal!

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

I can't wait to somehow get my hands on this collection! The pleated brown skirt is the thing of dreams!


girluntitled said...

i love it all.

Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

I love that you posted this! It is Autumn.. or Fall, here in Australia now, and it is nice to see the second model wearing a similar skirt to the one I am wearing right now!


Unknown said...

I want EVERYTHING! I love each look more and more. Pity I am banned from buying clothes until I move house! booooo



Gela said...

i want the whole of Madewell inside my closet NOW!!!

boat ride through the sky

Meagan said...

I am lusting after all these outfits-all of them!

Margot said...

Quelles inspirations ! Tout ce que j'aime ! Bisous bisous.