10 June 2011

Photography: Deadphotographers


Deadphotographers is a project curated by UK photographer James Dodd. It is a collection of images gathered through house clearances of the deceased. If they hadn't ended up as part of this collection, they would have been discarded and never seen again. It's sad to think of someone's beloved memories discarded once they're gone. I love the idea of letting these images live on and tell some anonymous story to its viewer. These remind me of family vacations and hot, humid summer days.



Anonymous said...

Oh, these are wonderful.

It's strange how poignant a photograph becomes when you know a little of its history - just enough to open the space for wonder about the life of the taker.

Thanks for sharing this!

Alessia said...

what a great idea. I hate the thought of old photos being forgotten and abandoned. Even if they are amature home photos they are a window to the past and should be preserved. These photos are super!

Rachella - flourishingfit.com said...

I just wanted to say it's such a great concept to take pictures with the tree(previous post). just great . x

Miss Marie said...

What a wonderful idea. So melancholy in some ways, but so beautiful to have salvaged these memories.

goodbyestockholm said...

such a great find, Sally! Thank you.

lasophia said...

Thats awesome! Great post.


Melissa said...

I was just away for a week so I'm catching up now - this is the best thing I've ever seen. seriously, I'm obsessed. what a good share! a perfect blend of vintage art yet terribly sad, too..