17 July 2011

Flea Market Finds


Here's a look at the things I picked up for myself a week ago on a trip to the Adamstown flea markets and antique stores. I think the one I was most excited about was this wool sailor suit. I still can't believe I found one in such a small size. The pants are a perfect fit! Of course the legs aren't the same length which I can't quite figure out but that will be an easy fix. The top fits well too although the one time I tried it on, I couldn't get it back off over my head by myself which made me feel super claustrophobic.

Next is a 40s cotton dress in a brilliant sapphire blue. It doesn't look like too much on the hanger but it has the prettiest neckline and once I tried it on I knew if would have to come home with me. I also found that pretty plaid 70s skirt. I love the fact that it's earthy autumn colors in a summer weight cotton.

My handkerchief collection was getting a bit out of control so I've limited myself to collecting ones with dogwoods only. I found two to add to my growing pile. The Edwardian slip will serve as the white maxi skirt that I've been searching for. And last but not least, a straw sunhat that I've been wearing everyday since.



Unknown said...

I really love the color of that blue dress and that you found an old sailor suit. I adore anything nautical and everything about that suit is adorable!

Emily Rose said...

everything is so pretty! really dig those handkerchiefs! and i can tell that blue dress is amazing, even just on the hanger. i also get claustrophobic easy, and certainly in situations where i get stuck in vintage! thats what boyfriends are for!

sarah nicole said...

You have such a good eye!



Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Oh goodness, what finds! <3 I am absolutely obsessing over the sailor suit! Wow wow wow!

Lost in the Haze


oh, wow! great finds! love those sailor pants. can't wait to see you style them!

Miss Marie said...

That blue dress is divine - I can tell that even on the hanger, despite you saying it doesn't look like much!

Ginta said...

That sailor suit is so perfect! Amazing find!

Anonymous said...