13 July 2011

You, Me & the Sun

photography: benjamin kwan, styling: janet li, make up & hair: livia metcalf, model: natalie @ mode models

Here's some fun, summer time photos from Cliche Magazine. Doesn't it seem like there are more and more good online magazines these days? I guess that's a good thing since they're accessible to anyone with an internet connection and there's no paper waste. These remind me of wandering around in the woods in Alabama and the sort of simple outfits I'd like to be wearing this summer.



KristiMcMurry said...

Oh I love these photos! And the clothes are perfect for summer.

LauraPage said...

What lovely pictures

Megan said...

This makes me want to move to the woods and live in a log cabin! I love it!


Maria said...

So great pictures!


dahhlayne said...

For some reason, I am starting to itch just looking at the one photo with the woman wearing the denim skirt. haha Anyways, lovely photos. THese outfits are so effortless for the summertime. :)


Helen said...

Like the clothes, but whoa! Check out the second photo - her arm is growing out of her belly!

Unknown said...

I love pretty much every one of these outfits and I could definitely see myself wearing them. Beautiful pictures too.
I'm so happy for online magazines. So much better than browsing through a real one for a few minutes and then just throwing it away.

Deer. Lady

thepinkmateproject said...

nice post! i love all the outfits!!!