10 August 2011

Picker Sisters


Have y'all been watching Picker Sisters? I first saw the previews for the show while watching an American Pickers marathon and I was a bit dubious about a show trying to be too much like American Pickers but just switching out Frank and Mike with two girls in short-shorts. Theses gals better know what they're doin', I thought. So far I've been pleasantly surprised. Although at times I want to yell at them to just get in there and get their hands dirty, their genuine friendship and love of all things rusty come through in a way that makes them endearing. And instead of just rescuing old junk they are finding ways to repurpose each piece; an old gate becomes a headboard, pieces of farm equipment become a light fixture, a meat saw becomes a bathroom vanity. No, I didn't make that last one up. It's making me look at things in a new perspective when it comes to decorating my own home.


Bloom said...

I was definitely doubting this show but it sounds like I'll have to give a try. I always get that way when I find something I really like and see someone else trying to "copy." haha Thanks for sharing!

michi said...

I personally find the show scripted and irritating. It's like watching two overly made up teenagers romp around in a mall. I understand the redecorating and repurposing theme of the show, but the stories of the individual collectors and history of the items that a show like American Pickers has gets lost in this new show. The women seem disingenuous and a little too into themselves. I couldn't watch beyond the first episode, unfortunately.

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

uh never seen it but after this i definitely want to. it sounds awesome.

Slices of Beauty... said...

Lovely blog!

christina said...

i keep seeing this show reviewed (positively)! i'll have to check it out. i love the look of that room.

August said...

Too bad, I don't think we get that show in Asia. Though American Pickers is here now! I guess I'm a bit of an American-in-Asia picker myself...though for fun, not professionally.