16 September 2011

Photography: Sweet Jane

Photographed by Tim Barber and styled by Susan Winget for Muse

This week's photography post is decidedly fashion related, as was last week's. It's not intentional, as I started this series to take a look at all sorts of photography, not just fashion. But I usually don't find editorials that I find interesting (they're usually too over the top for me to take much inspiration from them) so when I ran across this 60s inspired one from Muse I knew I wanted to feature it. It's got some nice outfits for that awkward transition of seasons that we're in right now.



film is fashion said...

i wish all weather forecasts would be communicated like this. so much better than random numbers and pictures of moving clouds.


Mandi Johnson said...

I love these photos! And the clothing, for sure. The funny thing is, you could substitute your face for the model's face, and I wouldn't think twice about these images being here on your blog. My point? Yours & Tom's photography & styling is just as good, so keep up the great stuff, lady! :)

Anna said...

gosh what perfect early autumn inspiration! xx

Annalise said...

Wow! Those are some really incredible shots and such sweet outfits and styling. Very inspiring.

ANGIE said...

So beautiful photos...Reminds my of Paris!!!


Inddu said...

I'm here for the first time! What a great blog. These are great photos!