24 January 2012

Edith A. Miller


You would think the search for the perfect striped shirt would be an easy thing to conquer.  I have found the opposite to be true.  Every one I've found has ended up failing me in one way or another... too big, too short, shrinks too much, colors bleed, seams twist.  It's always something.  Lately the name Edith A. Miller keeps popping up on seemingly perfect examples of the elusive striped shirt.  I decided to do a little investigating and discovered that the shirts are made right here in the United States... in Pennsylvania... in a mill less than 30 miles from my house!  It's a small world, eh?  The mill, which has a history dating back more than 100 years, is one of the few remaining historic American knitting mills.  I think the fact that these shirts are coming from a small, family run mill makes me even more interested in them. 



Domonique Wilson said...

Totally agree!I'm addicted with striped tee's but finding the perfect one is a task!Hope you have luck with this brand :)



E. Katya said...

Looks great, i love the pictures!!


Jenn @ What You Make It said...

I totally agree on the striped shirt. It figures that the simplest item in your closet to make an outfit with would also happen to be the hardest to come by! I refashioned a striped shirt on my blog today because of precisely that problem : )



marmarvintage said...

striped tops looks amazing.. Is it spring.yet?


The Other Sister of Death said...

Aaaah I love stripes! I have just decided NOT to buy anything striped anymore, because I already have so much striped stuff.. But that just made me change my mind! X-)

Besides, I'm having a little giveaway on my blog. You can win a Peter Pan collar! I'd be happy if you joined!


Laura said...

Those are awesome shirts, and we admire Made in the USA. We are just starting out, inventory numbers too small still b/c so very few US textile mills. But someday, we hope to be USA too! Check us out - stripedshirt Ts that also fit well! www.stripedshirt.com