27 February 2012

Weekend Update


 - vintage sweater
 - vintage skirt
 - Rachel Comey boots
 - Madewell fox necklace
 - listening to: my German lessons and not much else

This weekend Tom and I spent separately working on projects out of the house, him at the design school, me on things that had nothing to do with fashion or the blog.  We didn't see each other at all until Sunday afternoon when we finally both crashed exhausted on the couch.  We made a little buffet of snacks from the refrigerator since neither of us felt like cooking and watched the Oscars.  It was kind of long and boring but I always like looking at what people are wearing.  Michelle Willams and Emma Stone were favorites.  Now it's already Monday again and time to get back to work on the shop.  I'm sorting through  lots of spring stuff this week and will begin listing it soon!  Until then, there are still lots of winter pieces on sale in the shop.


june said...

What a lovely sweater you wear!

The PvdH Journal said...

Due to time difference I didn't get to watch them... Need to catch uk tonight!

Love how your hair adds the ultimate vintage feel to our outfit

BaronessVonVintage said...

Gorgeous outfit; I'm also really loving your hair and lip colour!

Domonique Wilson said...

Adore these cute ankle boots :)


sweet harvest moon said...


I really like the nex banner too!

Savannah Marie said...

Cute outfit!
Savannah Marie

Emily Peebles said...

Aha, I like the 'listening to' section of this post. Your outfit is so lovely! It's nice how you've belted the thick sweater and skirt. Very flattering!

Roma is Love said...

Emma Stone! Lol. Her banter on the stage was hilarious!

Oh I love days when you can just slouch on your couch with your special someone...resting and eating whatever! :)

Ingrid // Pretty Harbor said...

I love this look very beautiful and so elegant :)

www.prettyharbor.com // Jewellery

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

how very classy!!

Lisa said...

You look stunning in this picture!

Unknown said...

I really love the belted sweater with your cute plaid skirt. Those boots are great too and your hair looks so pretty.