09 April 2012



I was looking around for a simple, classic style hat and ran across a Brixton one that really caught my eye.  By the looks of the hat, I thought Brixton was an older company that had been producing hats for decades but I was wrong.  It's a fairly new company, founded in 2004 by three friends who wanted to provide timeless yet modern products.  Their lookbook has a really laid-back California vibe that screams summertime.



Unknown said...

love these pictures! so summery!


Unknown said...

So nice! I love these!

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Amy said...

Aww I really like the first picture. The girl looks soo pretty and summery!



Renee said...

Love the photos! Something about them are so inspiring... makes me want to run home from the office and work on some of my own art! <3

Marlena said...

I love large floppy hats, they really transform an outfit. God all these posts are making me desperate for summer. i scrunch my nose every time I put on a sweater instead of a summer dress, sigh

Marion said...

Awesome collection of hat. Oh my it reminds me of my childhood friend Marvin. He sent me a hat from recycled men's clothing as a birthday gift.