04 May 2012

Photography: Stephen Shore


Stephen Shore is a photographer that I can't believe I haven't posted about before.  (I actually had to check my archives to find out).  I know his photos have appeared here in the form of an Urban Outfitters catalogue, but I've never done a post about his own photography.  I like the stillness of the images.  The empty spaces on which you can impose your own stories and histories. 



Marina said...

very nice pics))
Have a good week end)

Stephanie said...

These are amazing- especially the interior shots. Thanks so much for enlightening me!

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Leah said...

I agree with you, the stillness of his photos is quite moving...see what I did there?
But really, the emptiness of the spaces are what speaks to me.

Elysia B said...

These photos are amazing! i absolutely love the clarity and retro vibes