29 May 2012

Wiksten SS12

photos by Jen Causey

I am still working on getting back to a normal routine after returning from our trip.  I have to admit it's been harder than I thought it would be.  In the meantime, aren't these new looks from Jenny Gordy's Wiksten line adorable and comfy looking?  I enjoy reading along to Jenny's blog because everything she makes seem to be made with such love and attention to detail.  It felt like summer here today and I would have loved to have been wearing any one of these outfits.



Anonymous said...

I love it. Simple, comfortable and so very summer.


Unknown said...

These are stunning, they look so comfy and perfect for sunny summer days!

Unknown said...

love the simplicity to these - they are lovely!


Cassandra Too said...

I don't think I can carry off the blue dress but I really like it! :D


his little lady said...

love all of these looks. so perfect!!!!
xo TJ