27 August 2012

Attic & Barn


I first discovered Attic & Barn last year when Madewell began carrying a few of their pieces but I don't recall including the collection on the blog.  But when this fall collection came out it definitely hit a few right notes for me.  I've been buying more prints lately than ever before and quite a few of these dresses would fit nicely in my closet.  The Madewell site says the great thing about this collection is that you can own a vintage looking piece "without expending an ounce of elbow grease digging around your local thrift stores" but for someone like me, digging around in the thrift store is half (if not more) of the fun. 



Unknown said...

reminds me of so many of the girls I went to school with


Chaucee said...

This collection looks like something you'd have in your wardrobe! I love the simplicity.

riennahera said...

I really like the relaxed yet feminine silhouettes these clothes create.