20 December 2012

Myth & Symbol

I discovered Myth & Symbol when I was on the hunt for a particular Dusen Dusen dress.  I quickly found myself wishing that the Houston based boutique was located right around the corner. They seem to be stocked with every designer that is on my current wishlist.  Lots of Dusen Dusen, of course, and also Ace & Jig, Rachel Comey, Dace, Wren and Hansel from Basel.  They also have a pretty great selection of jewelry, a lot of which can be seen in this winter lookbook.  That Dace dress is next on my stalk-until-it-goes-on-sale list. 



Simonas street said...

Very simple and beautiful! Many pieces I could wear when I want to look casual but elegante!

theslowcatwalk said...

I love the colors they use. They melt with the nature around.
Very nice:)

chuchutrang said...

Thanks for the feature! XOXO Trang of Myth & Symbol