26 December 2012

Penny Stock


I'm just discovering the Penny Stock winter lookbook and its easy, comfortable style.  I think it's been floating around out there for a while, but for some reason passed under my radar.  The lookbook is full of truly wearable pieces and one adorable haircut that once again has me hiding the scissors lest I end up with a new fringe. 



Emily Peebles said...

Oh, I absolutely love this lookbook! Her hair is lovely. I'm in the process of growing out my fringe, but this makes me want to reach for the scissors as well :o also, I've always wanted a pair of penny loafers. They're so smart looking!

girl@boroughvintage said...

Great lookbook! I love wearing penny loafers and boots with my dresses for and an effortlessly cool look. Thanks for sharing!


Vic A. Lee said...

So pretty!

Anonymous said...

I love the lilac dress!!!