26 June 2013

Madewell Fall 2013


Yesterday Tom and I took his niece to New York City for the day to visit her cousin (another niece).  We met for lunch at Calexico then took a tour of the Kickstarter office where the Manhattan dwelling niece works.  We were partially there to follow up on an upcoming Kickstarter project that Tom and I are working on (more on that soon...) and also to hang out in the city and do a lot of nothing in particular.  The best kind of day. 

Along the way, we stopped into the Madewell store at Broadway and Broome.  Last time we were there, the crowd inside had me running for the exit before I could make it up the staircase.  Luckily a Tuesday afternoon visit meant a much smaller crowd and room to breathe.  I'm always surprised at the pieces that catch my eye in the store verses the ones I like online.  I guess that says a lot about the styling of the collections online. 

I didn't spy any fall pieces in the stores yet (thank goodness - it's too early) but I came home and looked it up online.  The review I read stated the collection is full of classic pieces that you probably already have in your closet and demonstrates new ways to pair things up.  That may be true, as I haven't seen anything yet that makes me feel like I have to have it.  I do feel like I could dig around in my closet (or the thrift store) and find something similar to put together these looks.  But then again, Madewell always has a way of stocking something that catches my eye. I'm sure something will find its way into my closet.


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Sandra said...

great as always!

i really wish madewell would open a store in france, their stuff is always so classic and pretty...and pricey!

but the lookbooks are always great inspiration