24 September 2013

Sessun Autumn / Winter

Sessùn Video Fall 2013 from jas000 on Vimeo.

Last week I binge watched Freaks and Geeks for the first time on Netflix.  I'd always heard people raving about the show but had never seen an episode.  Now that I've watched all 18 I'm definitely on the Freaks and Geeks bandwagon.  I love me some Bill Haverchuck.  Throughout the series, most of the girls can be found wearing really great late 70s / early 80s knits.  You know, the colorful sweaters and belted cardigans that were popular at the time. I'm definitely keeping my eye out for more knit pieces as the weather cools. 

I just found this beautifully shot, serene video featuring the Autumn/Winter collection from Sessun.  The collection has a little bit of that early 80s vibe and so many great knit pieces in it.  Yes, I love the knit pieces but the one thing I definitely have my eye on, hoping for a sale price, is this Lumberjack Coat.  I can't get over that print.  Oh, and I'd take a pair of these boots too!



Dani said...

I love this color palette and the subtle print mixing. So lovely!

<3 dani

Miss Jolie said...

I adore Sessun !