16 December 2013

Alabama Black Belt, Pt. 1

Day 1 A

Our first (and likely only) Kickstarter project has officially come to a close.  The funds were raised, the trip taken, photographs edited, books printed and rewards mailed.  Now that the chapter is closed, I thought I would take this week to share some of the photos that I took for the project.  All of the photos were taken with one of three cameras:  a Diana on 35mm film, a Canon Rebel T3i and a Fuji Instax 210.  You can also see some of the photos Tom took on his Tumblr

Day 1 B

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deltabornandbred said...

Your tombstone picture evokes the most bittersweet image. Can I post this particular image to Pinterest without getting slammed if I give credit to your blog?
Thanks for saying in pictures what's difficult in words!