20 December 2013

Alabama Black Belt, Pt. 3

Day 3 A

When we left our hotel room on the third morning of our trip, it was (of course) already impossibly hot and humid.  Overnight we'd kept the air-conditioner running in the room to soak up as much cool air as possible.  Our camera equipment was resting in the room with us as well, also soaking up the cool temperatures.  As soon as we stopped to take our first photo the hot humid air flooded our cameras fogging up every lens, viewfinder and mirror, inside and out.  We had to sit in the car, in 90 degree temperatures, with the heat on, holding our equipment in front of the vents to dry out our cameras and lenses.  Needless to say, it was not the best way to start the day.  But from there, things looked up quickly and we made our way across the state.  

Once again, all of these photos were taken by me with one of three cameras:  a Diana on 35mm film, a Canon Rebel T3i and a Fuji Instax 210.  You can also see some of the photos Tom took on his Tumblr

Day 3 B


Lornas wishing well said...

Great photos x

Kate said...

I'm really really loving this last photo. Glad the trip looked up.