09 January 2014

Alabama Black Belt, Pt. 5

Day 5 A

Here a just a few more photos from out time spent winding out way across the state of Alabama.  The town of Luverne has a sign welcoming us and stated they were "The Friendliest Town in the South".  I have to say they lived up to that as we ran into a couple of strangers that were more than happy to stop and tell us stories about growing up there.  One even opened an old building and have us a quick tour.  Now that the trip and entire project is over, we're getting excited for our next adventure... California and the Mojave Desert in May!

Day 5 B


Anonymous said...

Great photos. Is a lot of this cute town just falling apart and abandoned? It's so sad to see that happening in so many small towns across the US. Enjoy Mojave! CA is my neck of the woods.

Two Happy Hearts said...

Looks like such a neat place! And bonus points that all the locals are so friendly :)

Rachel Kaye said...

OK i am so obsessed with this series. I wish i would have known about the kickstarter so i could get the goodies from it. I used to live in the black belt and looovveeeddd it. Is there a way i can buy the book of this? or postcards or something? lemme know!