22 January 2014

Lady Moriarty in Paris

If there's one person who is giving me a case of closet envy these days it is Lady Moriarty in Paris.  She has that Parisian-quirkiness-meets-tomboy thing going on that seems like it would be easy, but is somehow anything but. 


Carelia Moran said...

OMG!! I love her style. I dig every single look in this post. The coats and shoes are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.

"1940s Fashion Inspiration" Blog post on:

Porcelina said...

Wowzer, she's one chic lady and her coat collection is amazing!! Thanks for introducing her to me, I'm off to follow her blog right now.

P x

julia zadlo said...

This coat collection is fab!!! This is the type of look I aspire to :) Thank you for posting <3

Elodie Fiers said...


Casse-O said...

Love these looks, she could have a million outfits with all her lovely statement pieces to mix and match with. I have to say I am really loving the vintage hats worked into her wardrobe along with the scarves to pull them together very nicely.