09 February 2009

The most tender place in my heart is for strangers...

photos and editing by Tom b.

coat: vintage
dress: vintage
tights: AA
shoes: Seychelles via UO
purse & beret: vintage
listening to: Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings the Flood "Hold On, Hold On"

I've been wanting to wear this little coat ever since I picked it up at a local vintage store that was closing down but it's simply been too cold. It's pretty bad when it's too cold outside to wear a coat! I paired it with a long chiffon scarf I picked up at a thrift store. I think the look ended up being a little bit Madeline so it was apropos that Tom and I ran across an abandoned school when we were driving around yesterday. We snapped a few photos on the old playground and then wandered inside to have a look. Tom found the sweetest little children's song book from 1932 and gave it to me. It had me singing old tunes in my head for the rest of the day.


Manja said...

I love this coat...It is oh so pretty! The rest of your outfit is very lovely, too!

Annisa NF said...

loves your taste. great xD
cute picture you have.
oh i'm so in love with this blog.

visit mine dear.


Anonymous said...

The background of your pictures is awesome ! I love the shot with the rusted toboggan..

Kimberly said...

Oh I adore that song so, so much. Lovely photos as well!

reckless daughter said...

I was absolutely obsessed with this song for about 3 months last year. I think it's time to pull out that album again!

PS: lovely outfit.

Lauren Goddard said...

I love the coat and your settings for photographs are always beautiful!

x x x

Emily Blackapple said...

The coat is adorable, especially with the bow/scarf!

"Hold on, Hold on" is one of my favorite songs... really cynical but so, so comforting.

Villipuutarha said...

I cannot believe all these abandoned places you and Tom keep finding! I don't think we have anything like that over here in Finland (or if we do it's already been turned into a museum, so it's not quite the same).

I also love old books. I recently bought a book published in 1945 that is all about how proper manners/dress style etc. The topics are in alphabetical order, e.g. "Leaving (a "party")" or "Women's room: In bigger parties put on by a family it is suggested that a separate room be arranged for women. The room is used to leave outdoor coats and as a place where women can "fix" their attire during the evening. In the city this room can be a bedroom, in the countryside there is always a guest room which can be used for this purpose. A women's room is always equip with a well lit mirror and table which has a new or cleaned comb, powder, lotion, cotton, hair pins, sewing needles, different kinds of string, scissors as well as curling scissors (?) with warming equipment...." etc etc...

bad translation, but I'm sure you get the picture. It's great :D Inside was also a clipping from a magazine section where people could write in and ask about how to act in certain situations. One man wrote in and asked if it's ok to take off his hat with his left hand as well as his right etc :)

Wow, long comment. Time to head to sleep, but yeah. I love your blog :)

Josephine Frances said...

That school looks so eerie.. what a great find! And I do like the coat!

Anonymous said...

amazing coat!
i don't know why, but abandoned schools give me the creeps... they do make excellent photo shoot backdrops though!

Anonymous said...

Girl-- do you live in a ghost town or what?! Always finding empty places too shoot :)

Deborah said...

Your coat is very schoolgirl-esque with the bow and then you're sitting in a playground. I find that so adorable!


Terry said...

This outfit is so perfect in every way. Your style is amazing.


svenskaussie said...

Love that coat, it's the perfect foil to the shoes/beret/tights combo.

Anonymous said...

amazing coat!and i love that album, neko case is fantastic

lady stardust said...

i adored the photos,your blog everything .!

thevintageyear said...

That is such a sweet and romantic and gift! 1932 songbooks (regardless of whether they were previously abandoned) should always earn heaps of brownie points. :)

Lady Melbourne said...

Hello Sally!
I haven't commented in a while because I've had trouble viewing your photos...they haven't been loading.
BUT, they have today and it's nice to see you looking as gorgeous as ever!

Anonymous said...

Possibly the most perfect coat ever. I've been dreaming of this :)

Zornitsa said...

the first picture is so cute.

Anonymous said...

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