29 May 2009

Sally Jane Vintage in Little Thing Magazine

I was super excited when I was contact by Little Thing Magazine to take part in their new issue. I'd never been lucky enough to lay my hands on a copy but the scans I'd seen online were so nice I felt honored to be included. I just received my copy in the mail today and I must say, they did such a wonderful job putting the piece together. I was a bit giddy as I flipped through the magazine and came upon all of my photos so prettily laid out on the pages.

And the rest of the magazine is just as nice! Of course I can't read a word of it but with so many beautiful photos to look at, that's hardly an issue. Here's a bit of the Q&A that I sent in (I'm not sure how much of this they actually used):

Can you give us a brief intro of yourself, background?
My name is Jennifer and I live in Pennsylvania. I am originally from Alabama and also lived in Los Angeles for three years. I started Sally Jane Vintage about a year and a half ago while I was living in LA.

How has your day been so far?
Right now it's pouring down snow outside so I'm bundled up on the couch with my cat. The fire is going in the fireplace and I'm drinking hot cocoa. So far it's good!

How would you describe your style?
My style is eclectic and nostalgic. I love mixing vintage pieces with new pieces. It seems I have two sides - one very delicate and feminine and the other a bit of a tom-boy.

If people could take one feeling or message from your styling, what would you want it to be?
Wear what you love no matter the trends. Just be yourself and have confidence and you'll look good in anything. Cliche, but so true!

How do you normally come up with a concept for a style?
I take inspiration from everything around me. It may be a photo on a street style blog or a character in a movie or just colors in a painting.

Who is your favourite designer?
Hands down Emma Fletcher for Lyell. I could live in her clothes everyday.

Can you describe the so-called FASHION in your definition?
There's a quote that says "fashion fades, style is eternal". A personal style is always more appealing than what is "in fashion".

What types of material interest you most?
As much as I am pining for spring at the moment my favorite materials are ones worn in colder weather. Something about tweeds and wools and plaids always make me feel nostalgic.

Name some items you like to collect in life?
I'm a collector by nature. Vintage dresses for one thing! I also collect anything with birds on it, vintage sewing supplies and vintage cameras. I would like to start collecting vintage luggage.

What’s your favorite little things?
My favorite little things are my cats! I have a rescued stray named Jack that only has one eye and one ear and he's my constant companion.

(click any of the pages to see them in a larger format)


Lexie said...

what a great spread + interview! :) it makes me so happy you're Southern too!

AlicePleasance said...

Congratulations! I always thought this could be a nice magazine even if I've seen just a few scans from the previous issues...

Savannah Dempsey said...

holy cow! i didn't know you lived in PA too. penn's woods represent!

Clo by Clau! said...

Congrats... great interview!

Meghan said...

Congratulations!!! That's so exciting! Great interview:0)

Kelley Anne said...

Wow, that's so nice for you. They did do a great job putting the photos together. Congratulations...you so deserve to be featured!

Anonymous said...

that's so amazing! congrats!

Danielle said...

Congrats! What a gorgeous spread!

Market Publique said...

Love the inteview, thanks for translating! I would love to meet you and your cats :)

Sweetpaintedlady said...

Lovely interview, Jennifer I have awarded you a blog award

Josephine Frances said...

Congratulations! Your images all look lovely!

piglet said...

Congrats, the spread looks fantastic.

Meaghan Kelly said...

aww congratulations! it must be so strange and exciting to see yourself in print like that!
the spread looks amazing!!!

cookies+creme said...

congratulations....the lay out is amazing as well as the interview... you deserve it, as you are awesome!!!

Hannah Schulman said...

lovely! they did a great spread and made your photos look awesome. i love asian magazines, and that cover is fantastic.


Isabel said...

That magazine looks amazing!


That's flippin awesome!!! Good job and congratulations to you!!!

mooo. said...

i speak (and read) chinese so if you want me to do a translation just let me know! :)

and it's so awesomeee that you got featured!