14 August 2012

Dear Creatures Fall 2012


Each season I look forward to seeing what Dear Creatures comes up with and every time I find a few things I'm completely smitten with.  But, I'm afraid I might be "aging out" of the line as a whole.  As cute as I think a cat-face sweater is, I'm not sure it's age appropriate for me.  I do however, like some of the simpler pieces and can't deny any lookbook that features a real live feline.



Unknown said...

I agree on the sweater, but the rest is to die for!


Anonymous said...

seriously gorgeous, great looks.

sandra said...

I've also started to feel too 'old' for Dear Creatures, and I'm in my twenties! I own a few pieces from older collections, but the last few collections I just haven't wanted anything badly... I also sometimes feel like their cuts are like children's clothing cuts... which makes me feel a bit weird, like I'm a full grown woman trying to dress like a toddler!

Some people like that I guess. But not me. Anymore.

kelsie marie mcnair said...

seriously, this styling makes my heart flutter! I loveeee that blue tone background and how its almost a grayish teal.. these photos are so incredibly charming. I love them as images, i almost dont even see the clothing!

Geraldine and Charlotte said...

Wow this is insane! So beautiful!!
Love it

x Charlotte