15 August 2012

In Bruges, Pt. II


Here is the second set of photos from our days in Bruges.  The city is known for its chocolate and its lace and there was plenty of both everywhere you looked.  Each street in the center of the city was dotted with artisan chocolate shops selling freshly made treats.  We sampled quite a few.  All delicious.

In one doorway there was a little old lady demonstrating lace making techniques and I was transfixed at how quickly she worked the network of pins and threads to come up with delicate, intricate pieces of lace.  Almost all the homes around the city had lace panels hanging in their windows.  

One night we went to the oldest bar in Bruges, one that's been continually operating in the same location since 1515.  That means they're about to celebrate their 500th anniversary!  Crazy old.  The beer selection was, of course, amazing.  Especially considering Belgian beers are by far my favorite anyway.  Three different kinds of Hoegaarden?  Yes, please! 



Lauren Knight said...

Belgian chocolates and beer? My mouth is watering. What a beautiful fantastic place. Thank you for sharing your amazing photographs. I am feeling a little travel-envy now!

Eli said...

All of these photos are so amazing, what great shots!

Ramona said...

lovely place! :)))

sweet harvest moon said...

'Hoegaarden Rosé' (the pink one) is my favorite!
Did you get to taste 'Kriek'?


Cassandra Too said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures! SSeems like such a relaxing place to visit!
backtofive's twitter

xoxo backtofive

Unknown said...

Oh man Bruges is such a wonderful city! I want to visit the oldest bar in Bruges now! I was in Bruges when I was 13 so I wasn't sampling the delicious beverages, but Belgian beers are among my favorite so I really want to go back. It'd be cool to plan to be there for that bar's 500th anniversary!

Friedl! said...

I'm from Belgium and I have been to Bruges numerous times, it's refreshing to see your pictures!

Anonymous said...

It seems like a pretty lonely place, but it is lovely throughout the photos. I really like the second to last shot. It is awesome.

Unknown said...

nice place.. :)

Irene Wibowo